being lazy isn't a bad thing, amirite?

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Most lazy people don't seem very happy or fulfilled to me, myself included.

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That's not lazy though. Taking rec time is absolutely necessary. In fact it makes for more productive people. If you don't have down time, you burn out. No one owes so much of their lives they can't enjoy the fact that theybare alive. I'm from the US and there's this weird shift in this society to believe that vacation and R&R means your lazy. That's literally corporate propaganda though. It's not worded this way for some reason, but we had a small labor war here just because the rich felt like the poor were still theirs to work to death as a replacement for slavery. It was an uprising people died in. Police would kill for the corporations to protect their assets.... It looks like we're sliding back into that without a min wage maintaining the minimum to raise a family on and unions shrinking so much. The average citizen here is so confused they even think "pull yourself up by your bootstrap" is like a pride in rugged independence, when it was in fact a joke because you can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps...it refers to an impossible task. You need community and time to live, and you're still a productive member of society when you depend on a strong community that helps each other through tough times and take time for vacation and family/friends.

Lazy is not contributing to your community or helping yourself. Don't get sold on the redefining the word lazy propaganda. Live and unionize so you guarantee your labor rights as a free person! Unions will work anywhere because people need workers more than we need a specific boss! There's always someone that can fill in coordinating the efforts of labor. There's no one person nor machine that can actually replace workers and keep quality up to keep customers. Just know that if you aren't in the US, the labor uprising will cost lives. Every country ever has had people die for what's right to make it so. It would be great to see diplomacy work there, but history says the rich get it in their mind that they're owed excess wealth at any cost and many have died to obtain that freedom. So depending on where you live, do be careful and know what you're risking and that you need the country's laborers to stick together to get it! ✌️

@404ChompyNotFound That's not lazy though. Taking rec time is absolutely necessary. In fact it makes for more productive people. If...

Yeah I'm mainly talking about the way schools and work uses the word which is so unhealthy

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@potatobunny Yeah I'm mainly talking about the way schools and work uses the word which is so unhealthy

Strong marketing! It's definitely a poor choice of language. I hope my kids' teachers are not so free with that word about my kids or we will be having a parent teacher meeting. That's awful that they would use that in school. It's one thing to address a kid that's disengaged and another to speak ill about them!

I'd support laziness but I'm too lazy to support it

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I would say there are two types of lazy, functional and dysfunctional. If you are functional you are lazy but you use your smarts to make your life easier. If you are the latter you just creates problems for yourself.

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Foreign nations want you to be as lazy as possible.

You'll be easily overtaken and turned into Soylent Green.

It"s fine until large groups of the lazy demand that others support them.

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@LookAnAltAccount just say you don't like poor people.

Poor people are fine. Just be poor and keep.your hands out of my pocket

No, because none of those things are "lazy" until they become a problem.

By that I mean that rest, leisure, pacing oneself, vacation, play, indulgence, or relaxation are none of them bad. That's why we have words for all those things that are often used in a positive or neutral sense.

Laziness is when you are one of those things in a context or to a degree which compromises the well being, harmony, safety, or security of you, those around you, or your social bonds. Which is why it's a bad thing. A negative, harmful mindset or outcome is inherent to the word.

That's the beauty of language. Words mean things.

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