Chickens are one of the coolest looking birds, amirite?

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Chickens are easily one of my favorite birds solely for the fact they make my favorite noise in the world lol. I could fall asleep to their little cooing noises.

One word: Quails

i don't know how this is an unpopular opinion i firmly stand behind this

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They are pretty badass

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Chickens are nature's Cock teaser 😎

Have you seen an onagadori? They're like regular chickens but have some dramatically long tail feathers

Rhode Island Red roosters are gorgeous. Too bad they're demons.

And one of the tastiest

Chickens are rad. They become even more rad once you see the video of a chicken walking around with a prosthetic tail on and you realize that they are still way closer to dinosaurs than we think

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I love chickens! I raised 6 during the pandemic and they were adorable. They did eat some of my flowers though.

Azure jays are more beautiful, but I like chickens too. Ever since we had chickens in the garden as a kid, I just can't bring myself to eat chicken any more.

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Look up Black Skimmers and/or American Oystercatchers. Though chickens are very pretty. And you can't keep Skimmers or Oystercatchers as friendly pets.

In another universe? You can see chickens in the wildin this universe.

In another universe birdwatchers would be stoked to see one in the wild.

They probably are in this universe. Why would birdwatchers have less appreciation than you? Also, birdwatchers are super nerdy and get stoked about almost anything. Wild roosters actually look a bit cooler than domesticated ones. They're called junglefowl, which I just learned.

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