If you keep cleaning up after a member of your household who doesn't clean up after themselves you're just as at fault. amirite?

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I had 3 or 4 roommates in college who would leave their dishes in the sink for days on end, making the sink essentially unusable to those who wanted to do their dishes. Honestly I forgot what my other roommates and I did to encourage cleaning but I don't think they ever came around fully to cleaning up within a reasonable time frame.

Technically you are encouraging the behavior I suppose.

I'd rather have a clean house. Why is it my fault that they don't clean?

@Framie1 I'd rather have a clean house. Why is it my fault that they don't clean?

I like a clean house, also, but why should someone in your household clean when they know you will?

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If you´ve already talked with them about that problem and nothing has changed afterwards, I don´t think not cleaning after them will net any positive results. At that point, either try talking about it again with more assertiveness or leave would be the only approaches I´d see working.

Did that and I just wound up living in filth.

Or if it's your home just kick them out.

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Yeah, that's not going to work. It's just going to make the house messier. It is not going to encourage them to clean.

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