I like commuting to the office, amirite?

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I enjoy going into the office sometimes, but I would love to save 90 minutes of traffic and road construction most days. I like a hybrid schedule.

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I hate commuting and hate working from home. I like being at the office and separating work and home life. I work from home completely and I'm either barely working or working 10+ hours

It's not an opinion. It's a statement of personal preference.

I'm an introvert, but I like going into work because I like to keep work and home separate. My body actually felt more out of shape when I was at home from sitting all day.

As much as I hate pointless in-office meetings, I hate Zoom meetings more. (Except when a coworkers cat would jump on their desk 🤣)

Well, my commute before remote was 45 minutes one-way in a car on a good day. So I was on the road from 1.5 to 2.5 hours each workday. I also like going into an office but taking that much time out of my day just wasn't worth it.

I wonder if this is partly because you get to take public transport rather than drive a car to work.

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I like being in the office when I have work to do in the lab.

I would rather not go when all the work I have that day is computer work. Then I have to drive in to do the same thing I would do at home except with more traffic, more money for gas, more distractions, and more chances to get sick.

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I actually agree! Love being able to just sit there in peace without anyone expecting anything from me

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