Serial killers like Dahmer are just bad hitmen that doesn't get paid to kill and doesn't do a job covering their tracks. amirite?

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If you think about it, a hitman is just a soldier without a uniform and health insurance. Wow, really makes you think!

/s why are we connecting these dots? Does it serve any purpose?

I...I don't think you understand..

Hitmen are paid to kill. Serial killers arent.

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Hitmen don't have emotional attachment it's a job.

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You just don't know about the successful ones. That's what makes them successful.

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This isn't unpopular, just extremely dumb.

Money is not the difference. The difference is a hit man has a specific target. Serial killers like Dahmer picked their victims through opportunity and/or their MO not because someone else wants them dead

I don't think you could get two forms of killing more different under the murder umbrella. Hitmen kill because it is their contract to do so, being impersonal with no emotional connection to the hit is central to the job. Most serial killer kill for deeply personal, emotional reasons.

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