Playing video games at higher FPS's is an inferior experience, amirite?

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I prefer stable fps over faster fps.

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@teknogreek I prefer stable fps over faster fps.

Im okay of its only dropping around 55 60.

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This is the stupidest thing I have read in at least 12 hours. Well done.

my preferred FPS for playing is around 15-20

You're trolling. I used to play at that framerate as a poor kid and it sucked. 15-20 fps wouldn't even be enough for movies. Nobody would consider that enough for smooth motion.

Dunno about third person but first person games are literally meant to be played at high fps and with a keyboard and mouse.

I guess it makes sense for cinematic games? Probably the same reason why movies are still 30fps

I play only LoL, but I agree. My FPS was jumping from 220 to 240, so I just set to it 60.

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