Instead of focusing all our efforts on eletric vehicles we should put the money into bio-diesel. amirite?

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There is not enough space for bio diesel!! Also, monoculture is a wasteland for diverse wildlife populations.

Personally, I would have liked us to go for green hydrogen. Its expensive but getting cheaper, fast. You can power it 100% with green energy. It doesn't pollute. You can store it instead of batteries. Cars are lighter. Current fossil fuel cars can be altered to be powered by it.

@nimblewittedodysseus There is not enough space for bio diesel!! Also, monoculture is a wasteland for diverse wildlife...

Also, we just moved to 10% bio fuel in our petrol in the UK and its slightly less efficient. Also, the UK and EU combined use over 30m litres of the stuff everyday - not sure what that does for my point 🤔

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My neighbor converts F250s. He also processes used vegetable oil into fuel.

Is that the same thing?

Biodiesel isn't a terrible alternative, but it's heavily restricted by local climate. But if you live in a location that is relatively warm year round it's not a terrible alternative.

Would also be a good solution to all those graveyards littering cities

Ethol already has a lot of problems in terms of farming land usage, Increase in corn prices, water aquafers levels dropping.

Reduce, travel less, travel lighter. Remote work when possible.

Public transportation, rail and shuttle should be electric.

Bio-diesel may be an option for certain things, but only if it uses waste, food waste, grease traps, used deep-fat-fry-oil, etc... And then, there's not enough to replace gasoline.

I think it's a good idea for possibly a small percentage of fuel needed for heating.

If tuned correctly

What makes you think people would do that?

why don't we just drive this planet into the ground, it's clearly not designed to work forever with the amount of humans we plan on having on the planet (im serious)

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Moving away from fossil fuels is inevitable. But what we move to is the big question, whether it's Bev, Biofuels, E-fuels, Hydrogen. They all have their pros and cons. They all have problems to overcome through advancements. We live in an interesting time.

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Instead of trying to solve this problem with tens of bad solutions at the same time we should realize this problem has been solved long time ago and abolish private traffic

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