People that aren't actively fighting for the environment are selfish and don't care about life, themselves or their families. amirite?

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What percentage of your house's power (including what's necessary to charge your car) do you generate yourself?

Have fun with your paper straws then

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Your just angry. Worry about the aspects of your life you can actually control.


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Op types on their iPhone, which has a manufacturing process that's horrible For the environment.


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the fact that you even have children proves you dont care about the environment.

2/3 of pollution comes from Asian countries.Proven fact.How about they start introducing solutions instead of white people thinking that by taking zero waste route their actually helping the planet?

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People like this make me not want to care about the climate crisis.

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What does "actively fighting" mean to you?

Because the whole idea that these issues can be solved at the consumer level instead of by government policy is a scam perpetrated by the major polluting industries in order to avoid regulation. They want us all to believe that recycling and buying fuel efficient vehicles is going to solve the environmental crisis so that we don't insist that our representatives implement real reforms that could actually make a difference. Lifestyle changes at the consumer level are environmentalism theater. They have almost no effect on the larger problems and won't get us anywhere close to where we need to be. They're deliberatly designed to make people feel better — like they're doing their part — which is all it takes to prevent them from insisting on policy reform.

What about people that are sure that the fight is over (based on theory's, history and a informed option) and just want to enjoy some of the last good years?

Bet OP drives a car, wears clothing made in factories, and doesn't have solar panels to light his mom/dads house

@potatobunny Aren´t solar panels also really bad for the environment?

Rare earth materials are very bad for local environment. (Lots of people only look at carbon when talking about environmentalism so like destroying vast areas of Bolivia and poisoning thier water from litiumn mines don't register)

Solar has gotten a lot better less rare earth used

You know what, why is it my responsibility? Why do I have to make the changes, surely these celebs with private Jets taking 13 minute flights can be doing a hell of a lot more. Im so tired of the general public having to clean up the world that celebrities and massive brands and companies have ruined.

You want to save the world? Go a head pick up some trash, but don't allow these billionaire freaks skate by without holding them accountable.

@Tldfonat But you're just proving my point. Who will hold them accountable then if not us?

Im not talking about the general public holding them accountable. I'm talking about YOU, calling out the general public. Your view is misguided. I want to see YOU pointing the finger at the right people since you care so damn much.

@Suspiciousauthor Im not talking about the general public holding them accountable. I'm talking about YOU, calling out the general...

I'm glad you don't agree with my opinion how ever misguided. I know it's preachy but if everyone says it's someone else's problem then nothing will ever change.

Parents in which country? If you're a parent in the UK struggling to make ends meet who looks out to China (especially) or Russia or India burning more coal than Satan himself with false or no promises to cut down. It's like someone blowing holes in a boat while you use a mug to throw water out thinking you'll save it from sinking.

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Some of us have other battles we are fighting for our children. Like children with disabilities that we have to fight for because at 18 they age out and there's no help for them when we die. Sorry but working, keeping a home, and raising two kids with disabilities that will never go away leaves me little time to be Captain Planet. It's parents like me that are trying to get policy changes so that our kids won't be stuffed in a nursing home and left to rot when we die.

Most people have a cause. Just because it doesn't align with yours doesn't mean we aren't changing the world and at least trying to make it a better place for our children.

Imagine if everyone was an activist, then the activists wouldn't have anything to derive an identity from

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@Tldfonat Throw stones mate but your in denial

The only stones thrown were by you at parents across the globe and people who choose not to align with your ideals, and the only one in denial here is you when confronted with the reality that not everyone aligns with your ideals.

Enjoy your delusions stone thrower.

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You don't love the environment, you just love yourself too much for loving the environment

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The real issue here is what it means to be fighting "tooth and nail" for the environment. Some of those behaviors may be much less harming than some that you sport… but to point the finger it's easier, especially if you are convinced that your way of doing it, is the only way.

Clean your own room
First. You have zero
Idea how the environment works. Want to go
Mine lithium for batteries? Have a blast.

Mf has rich parents

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Voting for the correct people to push for it is all we can do, because fundamental change has to start with the government, then companies, then the consumer.

The bad stuff the consumer throws away, for example, is made by companies who were probably irresponsible because the government allowed them to be.

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There's a lot to be said in this world for those seeking to understand others, the environment and make the world a better place, then there's this guy.

It is liberal governments that ironically don't care about the environment. It is those who support climate change initiatives that further support the lack of action.


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So what did you do today for the environment?

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I don't think you understand how outside the control of the average person the issue with the environment is.

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You realize people have lives they want to live right?

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Sounds like a 10 year old who has no responsibilities other than eating all the peas in your bowl and just found out that cute turtles are dying off cuz we arent recycling enough.

Most people are having a tough enough time trying to live till the next day.

Direct your complaints to the real ones responsible for the destruction of our planet like unsustainable industries and companies.

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