I like reading the plot of horror movies better than watching them. amirite?

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I also do this

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +4Reply

Same here! I love reading horror movie plots but I rarely see the movies themselves.

Even for movies I do end up watching, I still read the plot because I hate not knowing what's going to happen.

SnooStoriess avatar SnooStories Yeah You Are +2Reply

Often times the plot suffers from horrible execution.
The Zombies of Sugar hill is my to-go example:

A young black Woman became heiress to her husband's bar. He died under mysterious circumstances, involving a big housing mogul who wants to build extreme expensive houses for white people - But Sugar is suspicious of him and asks her mother, an old voodoo priestress for help

I like YouTube videos explaining plots of horror movies, it makes the movies seem better than they actually are most of the time.

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +1Reply

I do that, too! Sometimes I'll read it as I'm watching the movie so I'll know what the next part of the movie will be. Then I don't get any surprises!

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