End of cycle beeps on microwaves are useless because there's no human intervention required at that stage and hunger is a sufficient reminder to check on your food. amirite?

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Not to mention the beep is incredibly annoying.

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Put food in microwave, start timer and turn on, wash dishes or counter while waiting on food. If you do this for 5-7 minutes every time, your kitchen stays clean. The beep is necessary.

Clearly someone here has never gotten so stoned they forgot about their pizza rolls.

Sounds like you only use your microwave to heat full meals? I microwave plenty of food that I'm not going to eat straight away. The most recent thing was melting butter to make a slice that I was going to take to a party the next day. I also microwave things like heat packs that aren't food at all. Maybe we could meet in the middle and agree that it would be useful for microwaves to have the ability to turn off (or on) the end of cycle beep?

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