Not all animation sitcoms are good. amirite?

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I'll take this a bit further and say that most animation sitcoms are not good.

Not all of anything are good.

It's an unpopular opinion only because it assumes a lot of people out there think all animated sitcoms are good, lol.

Professor-kaosss avatar Professor-kaoss Yeah You Are +3Reply

American Dad is heading in that direction soon

American Dad was never good.

Most of them are bad

Tldfonats avatar Tldfonat Yeah You Are +3Reply

Idk the last like 2-3ish seasons have just been either incredibly forgettable or boring

Does anyone have the opinion that all animation sitcoms are good? If so, then that is clearly the unpopular opinion.

This is probably the coldest take I have ever read on here. What's your next unpopular opinion? Not all movies are good?

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +2Reply

i don't think it's unpopular to say that some things are good, other things are not good. i don't think there is anyone out there who insists that every animated sitcom ever made is "good".

Dr-pens avatar Dr-pen Yeah You Are +2Reply

Would this not be a fact instead of an opinion?

animation sitcoms over real ones

I think American adult animation has kind of run its course and become stale. Family Guy copied the Simpsons, then everyone else copied Family Guy. There's a handful of unique shows that have come out over the years, but most are heavily derivative of popular stuff that came before them. I think this is why anime is getting so popular now in the West. It's different. Also tends to be better animated as well.

mattyh2433s avatar mattyh2433 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Is there someone out there who thinks literally all animated sitcoms are good?

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +1Reply

Bob's burgers sucks

fourexhales avatar fourexhale Yeah You Are +1Reply
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