Flags shouldn't be shown off after winning a competition, amirite?

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Because for international competitions those athletes represent their countries and have usually been selected to do so.

I never understood

Have you considered being more understanding

Well, until they put my face on a flag so I can celebrate me, I'll have to settle for flying my country's flag. Thanks tho.

I do understand having pride from where you came from

Seems like you do understand why people show off their nations flag.

"I do understand having pride from where you came from" then I guess you do understand the very thing you are asking? In any international competition you are representing your country, so if you do understand "having pride from where you came from" then I guess you have your answer right there.

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"Why not celebrate you"

This is how some people choose to celebrate themselves.

Your understanding is not required.

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I agree. In something like fighting game tourneys, I feel like it makes things feel suddenly divisive although the competition brought many people together in the first place. In FG's down the road, home town is gonna matter less anyways when people can play each other across greater distances. The same thing goes for chants like "USA! USA!". It's awkward when a French guy wins the whole thing and the audience isn't as loud.

I do understand having pride from where you came from.


Do you understand competitions like the Olympics are a world event? Hell even the National events in one's country is grounds to show off pride. One can and should celebrate their roots because the achievement goes far beyond them or their team, it's a source of national pride too. Be more understanding please and the next time in an Olympic swimming relay you see the American swimmers hold up flags in celebration don't have an aneurysm.

It has been carried through history to show your flag when you defeated such and such a country. i.e. you killed more of their men than they killed yours so kind of like a "look at the scoreboard" gesture

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I never understood why people felt a need to show off a flag that represents where they come from

I do understand having pride from where you came from

They are showing their pride. What's the confusion?

But when you win something that you've worked so hard to achieve why not just celebrate you.

If your culture and your family and friends strongly tie with a country of origin, how is showing a flag different than celebrating you? I am an American, so if I wave the flag, I am celebrating a part of me.

Your home can have its own acknowledgment when you interview.

If I win, my home can be acknowledged whenever the fvck I feel the need to wave the flag. If you don't want to wave a flag, go win something and don't wave the flag. That's on you. If you have ever been part of an international competition, you might have a little appreciation for the nation that funded your dream and stood behind you while you did it.

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because the entire concept of such events is that the athletes represent their country? It is the entire shtick of the Olympia or World Cups.

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