I don't get why people like Jesse over Walter, amirite?

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Not an opinion.

Who????? Walter was way better on many levels

Honestly, I sincerely dislike Jesse. He was too stupid to be sympathetic

Walter white the best character

Jesse is 2nd

Then Hank

Then Gus

Then they all kind of even out for me

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I quit watching BB because I found Jesse infuriating. I did try to llike him, tho.

They're all bad but Jesse is specifically written to have the stronger moral compass. That's all there is to it.

Well Jesse and Sklyer are tied for sucking. His bitchy whiney voice made the show nearly unwatchable for me. I fast forwarded through his nails on a chalkboard scenes. So maybe yours is a hot take, but so is mine, likely.

Jesse is an addict who struggles with serious daddy issues. He's not a good person but he's a small time junkie. Walt is an egomaniac

i hate jesse, a lot of the problems was or bc walter was being too greedy, he could settle for less, he was rich already but he always wanted more, but the other half of problems was just bc jesse was being dumb and immature, walter had to save his ass a lot of times

overall i kinda liked the show, but at the same time i hate it and really dont feel like watching it ever again

What makes this awesome, is the show and it shows us, what a real chemist can do and the product that can be produced. Then its all downhill from there. Its incredibly stupid that in real life, Jesse, would get called a snitch. So, i read somewhere. But you have an interesting point. They just make Jesse's Character more likeable. Again this is my unpopular opinion.

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It's the weird cocktail of the actor and character. He's a brooding, younger character. It's something that resonates with people.

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