Halloween-themed candy and food are awful, amirite?

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There's your problem, are eating the fake variety. Try the real eyeballs, spiders, brains, might change your mind.

opensofiass avatar opensofias Yeah You Are +3Reply

Have you tried a candy corn sucker (or lolly idk if that is accepted everywhere) ? They are amazing, i hate candy corn.

Ive noticed over the years that "halloween" food is increasing just becoming "halloween packing" for the same food it always is. The only thing that makes Oreos spooky is because it says so on the pack. Once you open it up, it's just an Oreo.

Professor-kaosss avatar Professor-kaoss Yeah You Are +2Reply

I like those corn candy deals. Can't believe I still have teeth

ugh yes its sooooooo gross

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +1Reply

I prefer real brains which are way more delicious than fake ones.

Then you have never had a Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin before, huh?

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