Ghost of Tsushima is not that good of a game, amirite?

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So its got good game play, an okay story and amazing visuals…what else could there be that makes it an average game ?

It felt very safe . It's the standard open world game we all played an hundred times now

Unpopular Opinion: Most of Sony games are not that great.

Its alright. Its decent. "Good enough". Its the best game Sucker Punch has done IMO, but its still just alright.

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People praise the souls games way too much

The first hours makes you think you're in a good game, then it goes full ubisoft

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I would change that from story okay to story good. So a game with good gameplay, good story and amazing visuals? That's easily better than the majority of games

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But it makes the WIND tell you where to go instead of using a basic HUD! That means it's good.

I enjoyed the game, until it got to the stealth heavy part of the later game. I wish they made it more choice based, be either a samurai making tough but honorable decisions which would lead to the "good" ending. Or you can choose to be more ninja, easier time through the game, the "better" choices but I'm the end it's the bad decision. There was a lot to the game I understand but I wish there was more choice.

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