Looking at the stars isn't interesting or fun whatsoever, amirite?

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Can't the same be said about anything?

I live in the country. Even the flood light in the front yard obscures your view of the stars. It has to be DARK to get the full picture and it's always amazing.

My best low light pollution was in the western Pacific Ocean, northeast of Guam. Stars brilliant, and differently arranged.

The one time I visited a Certified Dark Sky location was so impactful it's still a core memory years later. The twinkling was so vivid it looked like the sky was breathing. Granted that might have been the psychedelics, but still.

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They are just dots? A $200 telescope lets you see Jupiter's red spot and its moons. Maybe then you'd realize the dots are actually incomprehensible bodies.

Please speak for yourself. Some of us love Astronomy

i do casual astronomy occasionally. I think trying to identify constellations with naked eye is fun, but your experience will be 10x better with a pair of binoculars. You can see so much more with binoculars. With a decent telescope, you can see other galaxies too. I think it's cool and a good way to get away from what's going on around us by looking at what's above us

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