When millennials are in nursing homes they will play Metallica, amirite?

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You realize Metallica was formed back in 1981 right?? That there are already people in nursing homes who like Metallica.

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It's gonna be weird when in 60 years whole nursing homes will be shaking to a trap beat.

For sure. Reminds me of around 30 years ago, my friend flipped the radio from Hot97 to a classic rock channel, and I said something like "Gonna be funny when we're listening to Wu-Tang on a classic Hip-Hop channel when we're old.". They exist now, usually under the term Old School. Is Metallica considered Classic Metal?

You'd probably be much more likely to hear Backstreet Boys or Christina Aguilera than Metallica. Metallica was already an old band by the time most millennials were introduced to them.

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