A person who dislikes cats and prefer dogs, probably loves dogs for the reasons a cat person does not like dogs and vise versa. amirite?

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I have two cats and a dog in my household. My daughter and I prefer the cats, but my spouse prefers the dog.

I guess I don't dislike the dog, but my daughter gets upset with him as he's a bull in a china shop. My spouse seems to like his awkward clumsiness.So you may have the start of something there.

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Like, dogs being over affectionate, or cats taking time to warm up to a person- but when they do it's magical.

Dogs always following their owners around in the house as a lot of cats do not constantly follow their owners everywhere around the house.

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I know they exist, but I've never met any cat people who dislike dogs. And yet, most of the "dog people" that I know seem to hate cats for one reason or another.

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