The more you know about the world, the less bearable life seems, amirite?

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Depends on what you are learning. There are so many fantastic, amazing things in this world too

Ignorance is not only bliss. I remember there's a nugget of wisdom where someone mentioned, "intentional stupidity", or "playing dumb sincerely" is the one true way to happiness.

The secret to life, is to be really, really stupid, but with all of the negative connotations taken away with the idea of "stupidity".

The more you know the more you learn, the more you live the more you burn.

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You sound like a toddler who just found out they can't eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and that you have a bedtime.

Focusing solely on certain aspects(such as the negative things), will undoubtedly make you miserable. But it will also make you miss everything else(such as the positive things).

If you actually know more about the world, you'll come to understand this. Keep going.

"Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel."

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There's a bar in my town that has a sign that says something to the effect of "I'm trying to be a optimistic but its hard cuz my eyes and ears work"

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Being aware of the world doesn't make things seem unbearable. Not being able to come to terms with the fact there are things you will never be able to control is.

You just have to live what you can where you exist there is no other option living whacked out on existential dread will only make you miserable

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You are looking for a fabulous German word...weltschmerz.
A combining of the German words for "world" (Welt) and "pain" (Schmerz), weltschmerz aptly captures the melancholy and pessimism that often characterized the artistic expressions of the era.

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This is why there's correlation between having anxiety/depression and intelligence. I think it's more accurate to say awareness, but the point remains the same.

The more you know about the universe, the more bearable life gets.

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It sounds like you have a couple more things to learn. Push through, buddy.

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