We put an incredible amount of trust in oven mitts, amirite?

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Depends on where you buy the oven mitt. I have a really good silicone covered one that is amazing. I bought a different one at the dollar store thinking it'd be nice to have 2 to take big dishes out of the oven with. One burnt hand later, I've realized not all oven mitts from everywhere could be trusted.

You would be ill-advised to trust mine. Going on 20 years now.

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it sucks when theyre actually horrible oven mitts but you dont realize how horrible until youre halfway to a safe spot to put it down : /

I burnt my thumb from someone's mitt that had a hole on the seam. Now I'm a trust but verify kind of person.

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +3Reply

wet one and pick up a hot pan, your faith in them will diminish very quickly.

FYI, never use a wet oven mitt on something hot. I learned that organically much later in life than one might expect.

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I had one do me dirty one time. I still offer too much trust

My wonderful boyfriend got me the ove glove when I started baking a lot. I definitely put a lot of trust in them

I used to work at a sandwich place and went to take cookies out of the oven, there was a hole in the finger tip and I touched straight baked metal, still hate baking.

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That is why I use welding gloves. Nothing is coming out of my oven or grill over 1200 F

dankXDs avatar dankXD Yeah You Are +1Reply

Not really. If it's still hot I'm putting the food back down.

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