People should not put their real name and address on Nextdoor although it is a site for "community", amirite?

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So you Troll!

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you shouldn't put your real name or address ANYWHERE on the internet

Lol, relax. You still sound like you're arguing with the people from Nextdoor.

If they figure out you're information is incorrect, you will be banned. Happened to me.

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You can use your real address and reduce to first and last initials. That's not a violation, to my knowledge. So if you are Jack Walter Jones, 12345 One Blvd, you become J.J. 12345 One Blvd.

That is still legally correct.

It's not your fully verbose name but it is still legally your name.

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The reason why they ask for your address is to confirm that you live in the area. There are more than enough assholes that live in the same area as is. They don't need assholes who might be from a different state trolling in a certain zip code.

Looks like an ad for nextdoor.com

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