When people hear 'priceless' they usually image the item to be expensive, when the truth is usually the opposite, amirite?

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Doesn't make sense, can you try and make it make sense. Priceless often mean it can't be estimated in value, due to being irreplaceable or very valuable.

Priceless is almost always used for things that are irreplaceable and thus have an extremely high value (monetary or otherwise).

A lot of "priceless" items may have a high emotional value (my grandfather's watch) but low dollar value ($25).

Priceless is the opposite or Worthless. Priceless implies an object has value to someone, that can't simply be quantified, however Worthless implies the lack of value to anyone.

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It must be free then! I will take all priceless items and create a price!

Usually it is in fact true that an item described as "priceless" is expensive.

It's value however may be questionable.

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