One day they will have to rename the Streisand Effect because Barbra Streisand won't be immediately recognizable. amirite?

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I always used to think the Browning Reaction (physics? Chemistry? Cooking??) was named after a person called Browning. It wasn't until years later that I realised it was about things turning brown. I think I had it confused in my head with Brownian Motion, which is in fact named after a person called Brown. But the Browning Reaction is also called the Maillard reaction, which is after someone's name. My point being (eventually) that whether or not something is originally called after a person, the name persists long after people have forgotten who the person was, and indeed may not realise it is named after a person at all.

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The name will stick, but people will have to be reminded of the origin.

what about stockholm syndrom ? no idea what that dude looks like, or even if thats a dude to beginn with

@Nickyikky It's a place in Sweden.

but the name "stockholm syndrom" comes from a particular bank robbery in stockholm where they took hostages and the syndrome played out.

so, just like the "Streisand Effect" the specific situation that gave it it's name can be completely obscure and unknown without losing any understanding of the actual effect.

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@Manualham but the name "stockholm syndrom" comes from a particular bank robbery in stockholm where they took hostages and...

Yes, that was my point too. Either you know what {random name} means, or you don't and you look it up. The chance that you will already know the reason why that name was given and work out the meaning from that will depend on your knowledge of history etc, but even when that likelihood tends to zero, the name stays. I'd forgotten what the Streisland Effect was, even though I know who she is. Maybe one day, people will only know about Streisland because her name is being used to describe the effect. Once a name is a name, it's just a name.

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