Calling movies "pictures" is more satisfying. amirite?

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What do you propose we call an actual picture?

If you say "still image" I just might vomit.

I mean its not wrong. A movie is just thousands of pictures put together to give you the illusion something is moving in front of you.

Pictures sounds nice. My family in law calls movies shows. Like "Have you seen The Avengers? It's a really good show." For example. It's weird

@monsterallergies Pictures sounds nice. My family in law calls movies shows. Like "Have you seen The Avengers? It's a really good...

I work as Movie set electrician.

We call everything work on shows.. idk why... even commercials.

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Truly an unpopular opinion. Calling movies "pictures" sounds pretentious and lame.

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I love watching Siskel and Ebert reviews (mostly because they squabble like an old married couple, but that's beside the point) and I noticed that Gene Siskel always calls them 'pictures'. I agree, I like that term.

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You kids and your Talkies. It'll never catch on. Don't mind me, just going to head over to the local nickelodeon to watch an Edison Kinetoscope.

Sure thing Grandma/pa

Motion Picture, Motion Picture Show, Picture Show....

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On this bright, sunny cycle of twenty-four hours, our nuclear family will experience a motion-picture production in living Technicolor, during the year of two-thousand twenty-two.

And it's more technically correct, since a movie is just a ton of pictures strung together! It's literally a "picture show/moving pictures."

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I just get transported back to 1924 every time I hear it lol.

Calling them "pictures" reminds me of hearing Martin Scorsese talk about movies. He cares so much about them that he made me feel like other people care about them, too. Calling them "pictures" will always make me feel like someone cares about the art of making movies, so I'm for it.

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