Your grandparents were way hornier than you due to much more limited access to pornography and casual sex. amirite?

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Access to porn has made me hornier than not having access to it. If I didn't have access to it I'd spend my time doing something productive. Nutting 6 times a day isn't productive.

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I found my grandfather's stash of pornographic books.

Not magazines, books. A mini- library of assorted lurid stories in 10 cent pulp paperbacks designed to get you off. One even had a bookmark with a nude pic.

They had access to pornography, it was just in the medium of their times.

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Pornography aside, I think you way underestimate the amount of casual sex that was being had in your grandparents generation. Presumably they lived through the 1960's and 70's.

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And maybe cause people weren't on phones or watching tv as much

There's always a up tic in births after a storm knocks the cable out

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