There should be single player versions of multiplayer games, amirite?

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You only play mutiplayer games but wish to play single player? Like.... you know single player games are already around? If you replace the people with A.I in battlefield it won't be a huge chaotic thing because it won't be people. You should play games crafted for singeplayer. Play Wolfenstien and Brothers in Arms.

Skill issue

It's kind of sad that those games have phased out their single player campaigns, but I get it. Most people aren't buying those games for that.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and Red River

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Have you played any of those games before? You have that option.

Get a PS3 and either jailbreak it or get some cheap games.

There were hundreds of single player campaign games on that generation and they were in HD.

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Play Rdr2 better then what you might expect

Why not…just play something else? Why ask for a worse version of a thing?

Lan party master race

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