tartness is the best indicator of a good fruit, amirite?

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If you eat a banana that's not completely ripe, it's tart and firm. That's how I like them.

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I'll admit, I prefer sweet, but tangy is still pretty good!

Tartness is the best indicator that the particular fruit cultivar you are eating was specifically bred for transportation and that your fruit was picked unripe weeks ago and ripened at the destination with sulfur dioxide.

If you eat a mango or pineapple in a tropical country or a tomato grown in your backyard, you hardly taste any tartness at all. The only thing you taste is a juicy concentrated flavor explosion.

@Thatoneduderyan maybe juiciness is the most important factor... ill perhaps reconsider

Of course juiciness is the most important factor but they can't sell them.

If you grew tomatoes in your backyard and sold them on your front porch, a bunch of them will still turn to mush. They would never survive a truck ride from Mexico. Those tomatoes need to be like tennis balls when you load them on the truck.

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