The cheese goes underneath the patty, amirite?

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No cheese for me.

What kind of over-seasoned patty are you using? Adding to that, what, are you using the blandest cheese around??? Come on dude, not tasting all if it is silly.

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Put the cheese in the burger

@Expert-Afternoon-501 Put the cheese in the burger

Sometimes that's even better. You put the right cheese in there, it's like biting into heaven.

Patty gives some extra height for melted cheese to drip and stay within burger space

So eat your burger upside down and you'll be happy. You'll even get to taste the sesame seeds.

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I could just turn the burger upside down or whatever

This is madness.

Turn your burger upside-down dude


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It doesnt look as aesthetic

It won't melt correctly. This is just unhinged lmao. Flip it upside down.

It will get soggy as all hell, or you'll put condiments in it and cause the patty to slip around each bite

Hard pas

I suspect it's a visual thing. But because of the bun I only taste the meat and cheese when I chew, maybe chew more?

Been doing this since I was a kid, I agree.

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