Mac and Cheese sucks, amirite?

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Why do you hate joy?

isnt that funny... so simple.

Mac and Cheese is one of my favorite foods, I make some every Thanksgiving because of my love for it. Unless this is a joke that I don't get, this is one post I don't agree with at all.

I had some mac&cheese with some crawfish in it. Blew me away, but I'll always prefer it plain. It's a shame you can't seem to enjoy it, but it happens.

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I was gonna fight you on this - but that the end of the day more mac and cheese for me! It's my fav comfort food.

I love cheese. Pasta is great. Pasta and cheese together? Also great!

Sounds like you like Mac and cheese.

You probably never had mac and cheese.

Next time you have a chance, visit a soul food restaurant, you have the cheese a little burnt and crusty around the edges, they use a blend of extra sharp cheeses, its delicious. Its no wonder the south has such high obesity rates, I can polish off my daily recommended caloric intake in homemade mac and cheese in about 90 seconds.

The pasta dishes you call mac and cheese is a product designed for lazy single mothers to quickly prepare a meal for the kids before going out on a date. It's trash food intended for poor children like some sort of puppy chow.

Mom shows she loves you by baking cookies

Mom shows you were an accident, she never really wanted you by feeding you mac and cheese.

"The pasta is soggy and gross. "

You actually can control how long you cook the pasta so it's not soggy.

Dumb question maybe but have you ever tried to like, make it yourself? You could just very easily make it the way you want to you know.

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