Most foods are eaten from the outside in, but Pizza we eat from the inside out. amirite?

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You can eat anything from the inside, especially if you're a intestinal parasite.

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My dad eats the crust first. Which, yes, is weird, but still.

Pies in general are eaten from the center out. Not just pizza pie.

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Hi Alex, let's go with "Hot Takes from 1996 that have been driven to the ground" for $400 please?

not necessarily. I'm from Chicago. Here we cut our pizza into squares, (or "tavern style"). You can begin to eat it at any point of the grid.

Unless you live in Ohio where they cut pizza in square pieces.

If you were in Italy, you would be eating your pizza with a knife and fork, just like any other meal.

Yes and no. A pizza was whole before it gets cut. If pizzas weren't cut, we would eat them from the outside. When you cut a burger or sandwich, you follow suit and start from the inside.

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