Social Media isn't that bad. amirite?

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"Civilization" is pretending we are better than the sum of our worst impulses. "Social media" is a bleeding fistula into the bowels of the human condition.

i FAIRLY agree

I believe that could potentially ruin people's attention span

i believe this is a myth instead

social media are just criticized by a bunch of unexplainable bookworms and classicists, it's also on the wave of parents complaining, i think instead that simply there's nothing better than social media to gather people and share knowledge and entertainment, plus it's interactive, you can talk to the actual creator of the stuff (sometimes), also videogames aren't bad at all... TV is way worse... but WAAAAY worse, not only for its mechanics but also for the quality it has nowadays... also if you think that books are better than social media you're just an attention whore wanker

Agreed. Social media generally speaking is immensely low stakes. There are better things to judge humanity for, like the lack of a Suikoden 6 or the fact that Boruto exists.

Also means it isn't that good.

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