I Don't Mind Players Faking Injuries in Pro Soccer, amirite?

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'Exaggerating contact' to get a call from the refs happens in every sport. Its the rolling on the ground like they're a 5 year old who just skinned their knee for the first time that really pisses people off. You're a professional athlete, grow a backbone and show some toughness if you want the fans respect.

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@88080808088 'Exaggerating contact' to get a call from the refs happens in every sport. Its the rolling on the ground like...

They're just trying to make sure the Ref knows they were "injured". Plus in some of the matches it's even earned them a pause of play. Purely strategic, brilliant even.

@Cheytuflya there's two ways to win a sport. one of them is with honor and dignity. the other isn't.

At the end of the day you either win or lose. Winners are remembered, losers forgotten. How you win doesn't earn you any points.

You have to remember that outside of this World Cup, referees used to not give that much overtime and faking injuries was used to delay the game which was something that could actually affected the outcome. So i am glad they add overtime based on delay and even add overtime during to the overtime. But for football in general that is not the case.

I personally despise the faking, while at the same i tend to hold back a bit more with judging the players. Many people dont realize that the collision they see in slowmotion was actually two people colliding with their shins at 25km/h each and that it actually hurts.

The classic "drops on floor after being swiped by a hand" scenarios are ridiculous though and should be punish by a penalty firing squad.

I kind of disagree but also have to agree to some things.

I don't find it entertaining or in the slightest a good thing that they do it. But i don't blame the players. Professional footballers don't just play because it's their hobby. It is their job. They play to win, not to make friends or to win a fair play award. They are trained to waste time or fall to the ground in specific scenarios because it can make a difference to the outcome of the game. I understand any player who sees his chance to waste a minute or to get a dangerous freekick/penalty to raise the chance of winning a game. As i said i don't like it but blaming the players is stupid af. The refs should be allowed or even forced to "punish" that behaviour more. If a player isn't "able" to stand up immediately, alright, please leave the pitch or stay behind the line a few minutes until you feel good enough to play again. If the player fake falls very obvious at a spot where the team would have gotten a pen, maybe think about giving straight red. You risked your oponent getting a red card + yourself getting a pen -> get red yourself (obviously this would be really hard to judge and would 100% cause problems but it makes diving riskier to do). Any wasted time should obviously be added more strictly and suddenly there wouldn't be 5 people rolling around the pitch

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It is often the most interesting and entertaining part of a game tho, especially the method acting

Not as many are "faked" as you imagine. It can be a timewasting tactic late in the game but bear in mind how fast-paced it is, they can run a 10k during the 90 minutes with one break. Trip up Mo Farah and he may not get back up immediately, it takes it out of you. If you are judging it on your memories from childhood maybe see if you can have a local kickabout with an amateur team and see what clattering challenges do to you.

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