Nachos suck, and they're dumb. amirite?

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Sounds like you just suck at eating nachos.

Sounds like you just don't understand how to eat nachos

Sounds like you eat some crappy nachos.

if you slide your fork's prongs between the chip edge and then tilt your fork, it works.

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How do you eat?

Make em yourself then

Proper nachos have enough leftover stuff for the naked chips

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +2Reply

Not enough cheese! Its like the glue. If its touching everything when it goes in, its stuck to everything when it comes out!

Layer your nachos my man

Try holding the widest edge of the chip parallel to the floor

Tanmoykayesens avatar Tanmoykayesen Yeah You Are +2Reply

I suggest a single layer of scoops. Put the salsa on later in the cooking time

It's true

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