Moustaches are underappreciated, amirite?

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Big mustaches and short shorts for the win. The excellent Tom of Finland aesthetic

Moustaches are actually super popular rn. Whenever I go out I see a lot of guys with that awful full moustache-with-scruff look like it's a dress code or something.

That's not what my GF tells me.

Those cheesy cop stashes though have to go.

Lordpewpews avatar Lordpewpew Yeah You Are +4Reply

Didn't hipsters try to bring them back in the 2010's?

Stay strong, brother 🥸

When I was in my twenties I remember saying that I couldn't imagine how beards would ever come back in to fashion. 15 years later and everyone has one including me. What goes around comes back around. The tash will return!!!

opensofiass avatar opensofias Yeah You Are +3Reply

What's your generation? I think mustaches made a comeback with late millennials, early gen Z.

I've also met women who are huge into them and prefer them to beards.

Manualhams avatar Manualham Yeah You Are +2Reply

They've have a renaissance in the last decade. Although I think most people that have one do so in an ironic way, it's often as part of an anti-fashion type look, often coupled with a mullet.

I think as fuller beards have become more popular there has been a decline in the more high maintenance styles, the goatees, the soul patches, anything that takes a lot of work. But the moustache has seemed to have lasted.

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If not properly taken care of they can harbor a lot of germs and bacteria. And most people do not take care of them properly. No thank you:

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Just found out Amish men don't grow mustaches but still have beards after getting married. (Not magically but with a razor... Something)

You're problem is that you're still dating girls. I date women. Women like soft stash rides no matter how much they publicly deny it.

Lordpewpews avatar Lordpewpew Yeah You Are +1Reply

Nietzsche moustache ftw.

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