When blowing your nose, toilet paper is superior to facial tissue, amirite?

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Paoer towels are even better. Bliw as hard as you want with no fear of spillage or blowout

disagree. I can easily blow my snot right out the other side of the tp and all over my hands when a tissue would contain it.

that said I use tp all the time to blow my nose and try and control it.

I use toilet paper to blow my nose when I don't have tissue paper on hand, but for me it's not ideal. The paper is too soft, it tears easily if I blow too hard, and the format is wrong too - not enough width for a proper blow.

If anything, I prefer paper kitchen wipes.

as a dude, toilet paper is a napkins, paper towel, facial tissue and bandage lol

Definitely an unpopular opinion. I often end up using TP when I run out of tissues and oh my god, actual tissues are so much better. Toilet paper is so thin and falls apart.

My nose would crack, bleed and split if I used toilet paper, and I always had allergies. I mean chain sneezing every ten seconds and nose constantly running. Facial tissue is expensive but much more forgiving. Believe me it hurts to have the skin of your nose very literally peeling off while it is running like a hose.

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I've had chronic nose problems my entire life, and the worst were times I was using tp instead of tissues. My nose would actually be bleeding because it is such garbage for use on the face. Maybe once or twice a day, but definitely not the superior option for cold or allergies

This is just a blatant lie

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If it's good enough for your butt, it's good enough for your face!

*Also my favorite is Charmin or Kirkland brand.

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Growing up, my dad said that tissues and toilet paper are pretty much identical. Now that I'm engaged to someone with an aversion to used napkins and tissues, I tend to blow my nose on toilet paper.

However, if my symptoms are very bad, the lotion-infused tissues are much better.

I have constant allergies and have to blow my nose so many times during the day. I agree with you. It's way more environmentally friendly because I can get the exact amount I need. With tissues I usually get too much excess material. I also don't notice the quality difference, so it works for me!

I work as an English teacher and I hate when folks blow their nose in class. Go to the WC and rinse that mofo! Damn!

@tonywonderslostnut I work as an English teacher and I hate when folks blow their nose in class. Go to the WC and rinse that mofo! Damn!

Teachers should require neti pots. And learning to give oneself a good nasal douche should be required in health class.

I can blow my nose many more times throughout the day with tissues with lotion, tp will have you lookin like Rudolph

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Highly disagree. I use toilet paper instead of tissues because I'm poor and buying tissues seem like a waste and let me tell you when I use a real tissue it feels like a luxury. They stay together so much better and are softer on the nose.

I think if it's just getting a pesky booger out or cleaning up after a sneeze, pretty much anything will do. Dishtowel, paper towel, TP, just whatever is handy. But if I've got a full blown gusher from a cold, flu, or allergy fit, give me a bunch of Kleenex with lotion preferably.

Also, as a side note: I realize Kleenex is the brand and "tissue" is the proper nomenclature, but I grew up calling all tissue Kleenex. Kind of the same way I still call any small bandages "Band-Aids". I'm not the only one that does this am I?

If you have to wipe your nose several times a day and use toilet paper, that nose is gonna fall off

toilet paper is fine until you get that cold where you're blowing your nose constantly. no matter how soft my TP is, my nose will get so raw and sore with repeated blows. with tissue, it never gets raw. i only keep tissues in the winter for those times. the rest of the year, it's TP.

I totally agree, since it's smooth, your nose doesn't get irritated.

I use kitchen roll! Much bigger and stronger!

I am going to disagree. You need to have facial tissue that has lotion or moisturizer infused in. Without this, you wipe off alot of moisture and oils your body naturally produces. This will lead to chapped/dry nose.

absolutely not, it crumbles/falls apart i hate it

Nah, paper towels are. TP would immediately disintegrate.

It's gotta be an alright quality TP tho, can't be using that sand paper single ply they use in public toilets, that will take your skin off. (hayfever and sinus issues here) Any time I'm sick i grab a roll (plus, the hole in the middle is a good place to stuff the leftovers during the night if I don't have a bin immediately available.

Single sneezing fit: paper towels

Illness or frequent use: tissue with lotion

@Classicdry2232 Single sneezing fit: paper towels Illness or frequent use: tissue with lotion

I sometimes use paper towels in desperate situations. Even once gets my nose all red and irritated. Tissues with lotion is the way to go every time. Tissues are the one thing I won't cheap out on.

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I'm with you when it comes to the occasional sneeze, but if you have a cold or sinus issues and have to blow your nose repeatedly, it's too scratchy compared to tissues.

Paper towel is what I like.

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You can pry my lotion tissues from my cold, dead hands.

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You're meant to blow then switch to another area to wipe the remainder off

This is good to blow once or twice. But you keep going you are basically sanding down the edge of your nose

I'm fine with to for a quick nose wipe or occasionally blowing my nose, but if I'm stuffy and leaking out my face my nose would get raw quick. To is super convenient in a pinch, though.

Not an unpopular opinion.

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I switch between the two. I only use TP if I know I'm not going to be blowing enough to justify using an entire tissue. Example bring when my nose is clogged

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toilet paper and tissues have too much dust on them and they make me more plugged up haha. I genuinely use Kirkland paper towel from Costco when I'm sick because it helps get the gucky mucous away easier and doesn't have all that miserable dust on it that makes my nose worse.

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Those are my butt napkins thank you.

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What grit is your TP?

I don't like the feeling when toilet paper gets ,, wet ,,. I can also use the napkin several times. the paper runs out quickly, and you always have to look for the trash

How is this an unpopular opinion? Sounds great!

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