People who took debate class in high school are insufferable. amirite?

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Protip, if they took debate in high-school they already wanted to win every conversation.

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I disagree with my esteemed opponent ,

We are not in sufferable nor do we feel the need to be right. We know we are !

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We actually had a debate club at our school which would be held after school. Someone asked wtf is a debate club when they heard it on the end of day announcements, and I pretty much told them it's where people stay after school and argue about nothing.

We didn't have debate class but if we did … I would've taken it. I was horrible in highschool having to argue and be right about everything. Still slip up sometimes but I like to say I've chilled out somewhat.

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Why talk to people who annoy you???


...is good

Can confirm this is why I have no friends

Kasies avatar Kasie Yeah You Are +5Reply

It did attract a certain type back in my day too.

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can confirm. I took a debate class and i'm insufferable.

Lordpewpews avatar Lordpewpew Yeah You Are +3Reply

Or you use random words and idiotic, uninformed arguments, and are used to getting a pass. Getting called out when you are wrong is not insufferable, you are just too egoistic to admit you're wrong.

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I've always found it bizarre how Americans had debate classes.

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The "I took debate in High School so I'll be a really good lawyer" gang. These kind of people think they know everything and want to win every argument / discourse and it's extremely worse If they are very openly opinionated about something. You can tell them a fact and they'll still want you to agree with what they are saying as if you did not just state a fact. They can't have an opinion and keep it to themselves, but rather they label themselves and "blunt" and "straight to the fact" when they're just being at-holes and inconsiderable jerks, more especially if what they have an opinion on or what they want to discuss is something that's affecting people on a personal level.

I'll never understand why they feel the need to let the world know that someone did this and if they were in that person's shoes they would do this and that. As people we are different, we go through different situations etc. Thsee are the type of people who do not belong in positions of power, the abuse that will come with it is unimaginable

They probably feel a sense of pleasure from all the "victories" they get. I can be like this too sometimes but at least it's only with fictional things I find unsatisfactory on the first read as I believe that if reading the source material alone without having to google some mythology that is being referenced in order to find it good, but I never go as far as to feeling the need to belittle people through arguments that I should always win

When I come across them I find myself just quickly nodding in agreement with whatever opinion they have to save my energy for other activities worth my while

I would argue that debate class gives insufferable people the tools to "win" every argument. I don't think it's exclusively frequented by insufferable people.


i know some people like this and i know they never took a debate class

My sibling was in debate and god how they were insufferable.

They never stfu now, even.

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No we dont…

DueBodybuildes avatar DueBodybuilde Yeah You Are 0Reply

Public speaking is where it's at

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