Betting on sports is stupid. amirite?

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thats literally just betting. you cant bet on something that is 100% going to happen. that what makes it fun. try it, have fun

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Its just part of the fun of being a sports fan for a lot of us. Watching sports is fun, but its even more fun if you have money on it. If you put a ton of money I agree its kinda dumb, but no different from any other type of gambling.

If you and your buddies favorite teams are playing each other, youre already gonna talk trash to each other about whos gonna win and why. It just adds to the fun of that if you each put $20 on who will win. I dont understand how thats stupid, unless you dont watch sports at all. Then I could see how youd call it dumb

But if you watch sports you know how it feels when your favorite team proves your trash talking friends wrong. That feeling feels even better when you know they put money on how confident they were but you get that money bc their team didnt do what they said they would and your team did. It also makes the game way more interesting and personal as ive already stated. Its all just "put your money where your mouth is" fun.

Come in at lunch? How are high schoolers allowed to gamble???

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@Mrtechnohawk Come in at lunch? How are high schoolers allowed to gamble???

My work gives us a half hour paid lunch 12-12:30

So it is kinda like high school lol

How much?

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It's statistics. That's why the house wins.

Betting on sports is not a wise investment, but it can be a LOT of fun. What you're really paying for is the thrills you experience while watching the game.

There's also a 50% chance you'll win. Unfortunately, you generally need to win 52.3% of the time to break even (so yes, the house does always win).

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Serious sports betters have my respect, but i dont agree with it.

When i bet on sports its usually a group of friends using fanduel for a title fight or a playoff game and i bet small.

It's dumb and it's fun. If you can afford to lose some money here and there that's fine.

The issue I have is the amount of marketing surrounding it and frankly they just want people to get addicted and suffer.

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It's the only way I can get into watching sports, because I don't like watching sports, but I do enjoy gambling.

I find it extremely cringe

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I agree it's dumb if you are doing it to make money. If you are doing it for fun with friends, there's nothing wrong with it.

I live in Nevada. I went to college with a guy who paid his whole way just betting on baseball. He would bet every game every day. He lost about 45% of his bets and won about 55% of his bets. The difference was enough to live on.

It makes games much more interesting as a neutral. I'd never bet on my own team though

Clapping at the TV screen is stupid too.

Betting on a game can bring sudden interest into an event that you would normally not care about. Even if it is just $5. I am not a big sports fan but I become one if I have some money bet on it

Betting in general is a dumb activity.

i mean... playing craps is all luck, too. that's what betting is. if there wasn't a chance of luck then there would be no betting because everyone already knows who is going to win ahead of time...

I met a guy in circumstances where it would have served no purpose to lie. He said he was an ex-jockey (his height made this plausible) and he made one or two bets per year. But they were based on "quality info" and they were £20-30,000 bets. He didn't lose.

I know there's skill and theres strategy,

Followed up with this

It's all luck,

Pick a lane and stay with it.

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It's all luck, one team that's been doing horrible could make a comeback.

There's some luck involved, but it's not all luck.

If you actually know the sport you are betting on, and aren't swayed by emotions, you should get more predictions right than wrong. So if you are 'smart' with your betting then you shouldn't lose money.

t's funny too because these are die hard sports fans and 90% of the time they are wrong with the predictions they at the lunch table and they come in the following day acting all surprised and say things like; "wow i didn't expect that hit from so and so"……

If they are getting the majority of predictions wrong then they either aren't fans, are idiots, are swayed by emotion, etc. They aren't being logical or sensible, because that shouldn't be happening. And you shouldn't use those people to generalise.

Betting on exact scores is dumb. It's very unpredictable. Betting on who's going to win is less luck based and someone who knows the sport will almost certainly get more right than wrong.

@Suspiciousauthor It's all luck, one team that's been doing horrible could make a comeback. There's some luck involved, but it's...


Seriously, I appreciate you at least understanding where I am coming from. And yes i think they are meat heads like me. They do bet on the exact score and they are nearly always wrong.

I dont get the "excitement" or "thrill" some are talking about from that. I think it's cringe and weird as heck.

But hey to each there own.

Tell that to Mike Gibbs who won £500,000 on a 30p bet. 2 years after winning £157,000 on £2.50 bet.

@Dr-pen Tell that to Mike Gibbs who won £500,000 on a 30p bet. 2 years after winning £157,000 on £2.50 bet.

Okay but no one at work is gonna make those kinds of bets where the winner gets that much.

I guess you're right though! In the right situation you could win a lot of money.

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