Saving a marriage is not a priority - saving your mental health is. amirite?

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This was a nice read.

Saving a marriage and saving mental health shouldn't be at odds. If someone has to choose between a marriage and their mental health then their marriage can't be saved. It would be doomed to fail.

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All sounded good until the "sleeping with other people" part. I could never come back from that, and wouldn't expect my wife to either.

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Does "mental health" just mean "happiness" at this point?

Can we cut it with the pseudo-medical euphemisms and just communicate honestly with one another?

Larny2019s avatar Larny2019 Yeah You Are +6Reply

People have their own priorities - it's not for you to decide for them.

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Finally an unpopular opinion

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It's really nice to be able to do this, nobody threatened the other... congratulations.

i'm happy that you guys are perfectly fine together now but my only concern is the part where y'all saw other people. i don't really understand how that could've helped you guys better your mental health in general but if that was something that helped i guess so be ot

This is uplifting.

That's why I left my husband

vcsandfecess avatar vcsandfeces Yeah You Are +3Reply

A marriage should be the priority if there are children unless one of the parents is abusive towards the children

That is the entire function of marriage is raising children people might do it for other reasons but the actual function is to create a stable way to raise children

Once you have a child you're not the priority

If the child is being abused that is the best reason to end the marriage

All other reasons must be weighed against the damage it will do to the children

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