1923 is a terrible TV show, amirite?

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Yellowstone is ridiculous.

1923 was boring, and just dumb. But I guess if girls love the fantasy, good on the writers I guess

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I definitely agree. Having watched 1883 and three episodes of 1923, I have to say the female characters and how they act make me wanna rip out my hair. They are mostly fiery, flamboyant, and in the end, insignificant. The only reason I watch these shows is that I love RDR2, and I've watched all the revisionist western shows/movies I could find, none of which come close to rdr2 when character depth is concerned. #NeedRDR2LiveAction

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Taylor Sheridan is kinda like the Aaron Sorkin for the right; he writes stories that are basically conservative fantasy

replete with all of the same kind of wishful thinking and unlikely scenarios/interactions that shows like West Wing had (just the ideological flip side)

do i love it? i wouldn't go that far, but god help me i do enjoy it enough to keep watching

@Thenaturelover Taylor Sheridan is kinda like the Aaron Sorkin for the right; he writes stories that are basically conservative...

I have only seen Yellowstone, for a friend. It is absolutely trash writing, just absolutely. Like the possibility was there but he forgets his own story or something.

That said, for some reason women love his stories. You say it is a conservative fantasy, and I am sure part of it is, but I think a bigger portion is somehow he draws female viewers. Maybe the women like the rugged, ignore the law men. Or the (crazy) powerful, confident women.

I haven't seen it but naturally YouTube has already treated me to the "Tell the world what happens when they cross me" advert about 200 times this week. I've literally only heard that one sentence and I anticipate the rest of the show is likely just as corny.

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