Only the smartest humans survived through evolution making us most brightest species, yet humans find funny ways to mess up things. amirite?

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No. Humans did not evolve always for intelligence. In many ecologies, spending extra biological resources on intelligence was unnecessary, and thus the body saved its effort for other things, according to the need for intelligence in the particular environment.

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That is the nature of mutation, unpredictable adaptations representative of the Will of Primordial Source - to expand the expression its boundlessness forever more

There's no evidence that the smartest humans survived through evolution. Survival of the fittest means most fit for the given environment. Intelligence can be a hinderance. For example, intelligence in women during periods of time and certain places was seen as evidence of evil.

@Tanmoykayesen I wouldn't say it's funny, but it certainly is a way we messed things up.

Live and learn. We're adjusting, what more could one ask for? Perfection from the jump? We lost that when we left the garden.

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What makes you think we are brightest of species? We are obviously able to advance because of our ability to do accurate work with our hands. We just don't know any species because we are too deep in our own butts.

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‘Smart' has nothing to do with evolutionary fitness.
If the smartest person on the planet never breeds, their genes don't pass on. It can be miserable trying to live around people who don't understand, and most smart people hate to be bored.

The only thing that really matters for evolution is how many kids you have that choose to have kids themselves. If you're not the breeding kind- it's down to whether your personal accomplishments make it easier on the people you want to reproduce.

Everything else is just entertaining noise.

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