Pornstars later in life might appreciate having their youthful bodies so well documented. amirite?

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Yeah, I can just picture ol gran, "oh look at how great my asshole used to look when I was 18".

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There was an episode of Schitt's creek where this was basically the moral of the story.

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Honestly I have to wonder why they don't just get in the sex doll industry, everyone has already seen them naked, and they'd probably make millions without having to do any work long after their age caught up with them

Im not a porn star but when I found out i was pregnant I had lingerie photos done when i was only 6 weeks in fear I would never see my body the same again. I hate those photos. I have done a lot of selfies in the past being a photographer, thet were very classy and nice. I wont look at them ever again. Idk, the past is just the past. Even though i was pretty hot. They served a purpose for the time being but now I could care less how hot I used to be, Ill never get it back agsin so what's the point. I dont wanna brag, hey this is what I used to look like! I do have one hot photo of me on an interceptor that was cute but the nudies, I could care less about

I'm more leaning towards a lot of them will handle aging much worse than the rest of us and might hate looking at their porn.

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