Crunchy tacos get a bad rap when they're infinitely better than typical street tacos, amirite?

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We call them gringo tacos.

You're wrong about sandwiches, there are plenty of great sandos that are just meat and bread

Tacos don't use flour tortillas, nor are they served with cheese, lettuce or tomatoes. I think the street tacos you're having are a bit whack.

Well it is an unpopular opinion I'll give you that. Lol

Bros whiter than Dracula

Good street tacos have homemade tortillas.

The key is you gotta go to the trucks the Hispanics are going to. If the people working and eating there are all white then you gotta go elsewhere.

Man talks about flavor and chooses lettuce over onions and cilantro lmao

A bad wrap

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You should try a tostada

Yea I love my taco falling apart after the first bite

Yeah man! Well said.

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