The Skyline r34 is a overrated car and doesn't deserve the praise it gets. amirite?

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Nobody likes that car. I haven't heard a thing about that car since 1992. The Japanese car to get now is the Mazda 3

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I'd say it was the gran turismo video games that popularised it. That was 3 years b4 F&F.

I'd prefer an R32 for aesthetics and race history.


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It's overrated just like almost all Japanese cars including your precious Supra.

@Tontonsflingueurs It's overrated just like almost all Japanese cars including your precious Supra.

Supras are high quality and insanely fast compared to cars similar to it, last I checked. It's also a decent looking car and holds a decent status.

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German cars should have the same praise like Audi rs2 and Mercedes w124 generation and bmw e34

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It's iconic, sure. But definitely overrated imo too. Personally, I'll stick with the Evos and WRX/STIs.

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@teknogreek WRX, GT-R, AND Z370 are my go to Japanese cars.

Nice. I picked up a WRX back in the fall. It's so much fun, though I put my baby away for the winter. I can't wait for spring to have it back on the road again

@bigdaddy69-4life I only wish I could afford a GT-R right now, but I think I'll go for a WRX first.

Yeah, they're pretty pricey.

WRX is a much more affordable option, and is insanely fun. Mine is a 2016, stage 2 tuned. They're beasts in the snow but I'm storing mine right now because there's no garage at our current place and I really don't want to leave it out in harsh canadian winter weather 24/7.

@Kionix Haha I get not so harsh rainy winters here is Seattle.

I wish, but then again it's nice to be able to keep the milage down. It's only at 88,000Km. (~55,000mi). Though once spring and summer rolls around I'm sure I'll close to double it lol. It's too much fun, and I go for a lot of night drives lmao

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