Sitcom laugh tracks are an essential part of the viewing experience, amirite?

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Studio audiences are okay, but kind of outdated. Laugh tracks are weird.

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For all the funny quips all the characters are saying, how come nobody on the show actually laughs?

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Laugh tracks are to sitcoms like superpowers are to forever wars. If you are constantly doing it, you won't have a big one.

ONLY for shows with live audiences. Arguably. Those are genuine reactions which better immerses you as a live viewer. However, there is a time and place for audience reactions.

but they also serve as a timing device for jokes, highlighting the punchlines and providing a sense of pacing. The audience knows when to laugh and when to expect the next joke, which is particularly important in building suspense and anticipation.

If you need a laugh track to tell viewers when a joke was made, the joke probably wasn't that good. Also it is an insult to viewers because you don't believe they will know what a joke is, assuming it is a good joke to begin with.

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