Instrumental music is far better than music with lyrics, amirite?

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Long Distance Calling is a good one

When I'm heads down programming or doing something on the computer that takes a lot of focus and concentration, I can't have any music with lyrics.

I do like classical music and I'm a classically trained musician. But I do like instrumental music, spa music, music to focus by, Etc through my headphones when I'm heads down and I have a few playlists like that I've used for years.

It depends on individual pieces.

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I love jungle, so will agree with you

You know that Orchestral music was booming in the last Century?

Also: Atleast when it comes to metal and ambient vocals make it way more raw and intense

Black metal without the vocals is just noise,mind you it also is with the vocals but i prefere having them in there

I can recommend "Woe" by "An abstract Illusion" for very heartfelt technical death metal

Stuff like "ritual fest if libido" cro magnon would fall apart without the "vocals"

And a band like boreworm really needs the vocals to increase contrast in their music

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Music is an Instrument like everything else. Purely optional. Not every track needs a guitar, some banger tracks use a guitar. Not every track needs vocals, some banger tracks use vocals.

Would adding lyrics to an instrumental that you like, ruin it?

@monsterallergies Would adding lyrics to an instrumental that you like, ruin it?

Id say a lot of the time the answer is yes,if you listen to the instrumetals of a song that normally has lyrics youll notice how much"space" the instruments have to make for the vocals

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This is one of the reasons why i started following electronic music. I was tired of the whinging in the music of the 2000's. Breaks ups, abusive relationships, daddy issues and all the singing distracts from other elements of the songs.

That being said, there are still some good lines and catchy hooks. A good harmony is infectious but most music lacks it. I'll stick to the rhythm.

Depends on the song. I love In The Blood (Hades), but the instrumental version is empty.

I definitely listen to instrumental music more, especially when I'm doing things. But I don't think it's better over lyrical.

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