Being wrong about something is actually great. amirite?

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This is how to do it. Most people suck at being wrong

it's always a win-win situation with that attitude. You're either right or you learn. Just this can get you pretty far in life and career IMO.

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Keep it dumb then. I unironicaly kinda root for you.

Well someone digs their heels in because they don't think they're wrong, right?

I think being too open-minded can have the effect of being a fence-sitter or kind of "standing for nothing". Sometimes it's really refreshing to interact with someone who's stubborn, but has a lot of clarity.

You must love this moment of learning! Congrats.

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Admitting you're wrong is also one of the biggest power moves you can pull. Also gives a lot more weight to when you insist on being right on other occasions.

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