I love playing support/healer, amirite?

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Glad to see another healer enjoyer. Healing doesn't get appreciated enough in games, especially in MOBAs. Though I mainly play warriors, when I'm playing with friends who either suck at support or screw around when playing support, there's always a need for someone to take up the unappreciated job.

My wife would agree with you. She pretty much always plays healer in every game where it's an option.

I get it, too. There's more glory in being on the front lines and churning out DPS, but keeping everyone alive is pretty important, and I think it helps you feel more like you're a part of a team.

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I usually did too when I played games with tank/dps/heals type roles too. Also, don't feel bad about playing Paladins. People are legitimately playing Overwatch 2, there will never be a game other than that which would seem ridiculous in this day and age lol

I get that too. But you're better than le still in sole way. I just enjoy more when shots connects.

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Most popular role in League of Legends right now is support. I can personally say it's my favorite to play

I like playing Wisp in Warframe. It's a great support which greatly buffs pretty much everyone.

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Paladins? That overwatch ripoff? Undernecklace??

May I ask why?

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support/header is honestly nice when ur tired of having to be relied on for big pp damage and just want to chill back and not have to do much

Some games supports aren't just supports, I played a mystic 🧙in Tera and I was a problem versatility is so important but most games are just lazy and make u a heal/buff slut no front.

In Smite (a MOBA like League of Legends), I usually played support because not many people liked to play support.
There was a character named Ganesha who could only get assists and even if you got the final hit on an enemy and killed him, the kill went to the nearest teammate (unless you were the only one alive, in which case you got the kill, which rarely happened). Ganesha was my main character and I easily got 200 hours into that character alone. I just found it so satisfying!

Still, I think the main reason why people don't like playing as support is because then they don't get many "highlights" and supports are the ones who usually get scolded when someone dies.

@opensofias In Smite (a MOBA like League of Legends), I usually played support because not many people liked to play support. ...

Agreed and ganesha is awesome. It also stinks that damage is always highlighted on the menus of games or their covers.

A lot

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Support is the funnest role. You tend to have the most unique and enjoyable abilities rather than just big damage and/or fast attack.

I'm glad some people like to play support so I can dps

Support/healer is the class I play IRL, so I probably would too

Agree. I play Overwatch and not Paladins, but saving your Reinhardt's ass and then ultra buffing him with a nano boost to win a 2v5 team fight feels amazing.

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