People with degrading kinks are disgusting (not a pun) amirite?

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We are not like that, you just had bad luck…

i hope you know that most people with degrading kinks cross the line when it comes to strangers or random people. if someone were to call me an idiot online/irl im not gonna get horny from that💀 if your degrading/praise kink applies to everyone then your odd.

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As usual, not everyone who's <x> does <y>.

Are you just like horny 24/7? Is that how you live your life, with the view that every interaction is somehow related to sexual arousal and pleasure? It seems like you are projecting your horny onto everyone else.

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So you're judging all people with that kink based on one person.

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OP it sounds like you have some issues you may need to work out with a therapist.

By the way, you get bonus points for "think of the children" concern trolling.

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If you have a degrading kink, don't defend yourself. This is OP's attempt at finding out and hitting you up.

Most people are able to not be horny all the time.

As somebody with a degrading kink I don't get pleasure from strangers or anybody unless I'm in the bedroom with them

How is this an unpopular opinion? Kinks like that are taboo for a reason

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I can assure you, it isn't erotic when you do it.

A masochist doesn't get off at the dentist, and a degradee doesn't get off during a work performance analysis.

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try it. you might like it.

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