shoes off households w/ pets are pointless, amirite?

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My cats don't go outside, so no they aren't.

Many people clean their pets paws off before letting them back in the house - and even if not, the people keeping their shoes on would still increase the amount of dirt, etc. tracked in. Also - shoes can get pebbles, etc. stuck in the treads which can damage flooring (even more so than dog claws) - not to mention stuff like road salt.

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I take my shoes off because it's more comfortable, not because of getting dirt on the floor. Also, my cats stay indoors so they're not tracking anything in.

Shoes off households w/ pets are pointless.

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"Hey I'm fine with cleaning up this mess from my dogs, but walking around with your muddy shoes is lame, could you not do that"



But with your added shoes in the house there'd be much more dirt and germs, no? Some people also clean their pet's paws before they enter the house

Must not live in the north. I don't feel like tracking in small rocks, dirt, salt, mud, snow. There's a large different between shoe dirty and sock dirty. I've been in homes where everyone walks around in their shoes. Hard floors are sticky and filthy and carpets are destroyed

@Tontonsflingueurs Must not live in the north. I don't feel like tracking in small rocks, dirt, salt, mud, snow. There's a large...

Don't forget coal dust that is somehow lightly covering everything, seriously you can see it 'staining' the building and sidewalk. God knows how much we breathe in, much less get on our shoes.

Most cats clean themselves better than most humans clean themselves.

I've never understood to shoes off thing if you live in a city and yeah if you own pets your whole house is covered in piss, sh't, hair and drool but a few specs of dirt is to much for you to deal with.

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