The 12 Month Calendar Sucks and Needs to be 13 Months, amirite?

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You think telling the difference between 28, 30, and 31 to be confusing and unintuitive?

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Check Ethiopian calendar, iirc each 12 months have 30 days and the last month have 5 days and 6 days as a leap year, totally 13 months.

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We need to name the 13th month Smarch so I can complain about this lousy Smarch weather.

Vexontes avatar Vexonte Yeah You Are +3Reply

February has 28 days because everyone (in Northern Hemisphere) knows it's by far the worst month. Winter keeps dragging on and on. They were like: Let's shorten this SOB and make sure that January and March have 31 days to offset it.


Facts that I just made up and are 100% incorrect. But facts nonetheless.

Honestly, it's like the QWERTY keyboard. It sticks around because people know how to use it and nobody wants to learn a different system.

Completely agree. There should be 13 months in a year, and 4 weeks (28 days) in a month, with one or two extra days in the last month of the year depending on whether it's a leap year. The only conceivable drawback would be that you'd have to organize business quarters by 13-week increments instead of the neat and tidy 3-month increments we have now.

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Ah yes, like the French revolutionary calendar switch from the Gregorian went perfectly well

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Yes, and the whole world will peacefully agree on it.

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Are you high?

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